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Video and Audio

Van Sant Biplanes - run up and take off to do the Milford Alive Flyover on September 27 2014

Dennis Sigovich and the Big Horn Jazz Band at Van Sant Airport, October 13, 2013. The Maynard Ferguson version of Glenn Miller's "In The Mood".

And watchthis Youtube video shot from the front cockpit of the Bird of Paradise during a landing at the airport in Gulf Shores.

Enjoy this video made by Van Sant pilot Wayne Miller with music by Virginia band Drumfish.

Even better, view this 3.5-minute video by Hans Grey showing start-up, taxi, takeoff, and landing.


Hear the Sound of A Radial Engine Starting. A radial aircraft engine has a very distinctive sound that's immediately recognizable by anyone familiar with vintage aircraft.  After your flight in the Bird of Paradise you'll know that classic sound of power, too.  And each time you hear it you'll remember your time in the air behind such an engine.

Click here.   (91k .wav file)