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Customer Comments

Dear Dannie and Bar,
Walt and I had the wonderful opportunity to take a ride with Bar this past Sunday. I have been fascinated with planes since I was little. I have been a nurse for the past 30 years, but if I had my life to do over it would be in aviation. Taking the flight in your "Bird of Paradise" was a dream come true. Both of you were are so friendly and professional. Thank you again for allowing us and the public to enjoy a slice of history. Keep up the good work. Sincerely,
Diane and Walt
PS: Don't think I can beat the pictures on your web-site, but I am going to attach a few of my favorites. Thanks again and give our love to Amelia and Lindy...

Melissa and I had a wonderful time. Dinner and a movie was excellent. Ground transportation was an issue but they found rides for us into Frenchtown. On Sunday, the jazz music was well done and the burgers were the best. We stayed for the hot air balloon launch, which was the highlight of the day. We flew in with a Cherokee Six and the field was well-manicured. This was one the best fly-in events we have been to.
Thanks. Gene & Melissa Bunt

My twelve year old son and I rode out to Van Sant on a weekend motorcycle trip from the NYC metro area. We arrived at the airport and the weather was perfect! Seeing the vintage aircraft moving about was enough to push me to ask Dannie about what it might take to fly in one. We decided on a 40 minute flight down the Deleware and over the forests with Bar and "the Bird of Paradise". It was an experience that I never expected in my lifetime. Wonderful views, superbly maintained antique aircraft and the feeling of reliving aviation history. Highly recommended.
Thanks Bar and Dannie for keeping this truly special experience available to the public.
Best regards, Alan and Jakob

Bar and Dannie, many many thanks from Anton, Axel, Beatrix and Jake (dad and the triplets) for an experience of a lifetime! Your fantastic 1928 Travel Air has been a topic of conversation since! We will be back for sure!
Anton Leroy

Hi Guys, Just wanted to say what a great time we had in the Travel Air on Saturday the 19th!! The whole experince was awsome. Right down to the leather jackets. We stop by on ocassion on the bike and hang out and have a burger or a dog. But this was my first flight in a small plane. It was like riding a Harley in the sky!! Thanks for a great day.
Bill and Patti Stevens

Bar and Dannie - My daughter and I had a phenomenal time in the 1928 Bird of Paradise today (10/20/13) - Thanks for such a fantastic experience, a great view of Bucks/Hunterdon Counties and for the making us feel at home with your incredible flying machines!
Eric Scher

We can't stop talking about the wonderful ride we had. Such a fantastic experience riding in an open cockpit biplane. Felt like a bird with the fresh air around us gazing below at the beautiful Delaware river and surrounding countryside. Bar and Dannie made us feel right at home at the airport. They gave us a certificate at the end of our flight with our picture that we will proudly display on our wall. We would do it again and would definitely recommend it. Loved it! Thanks Bar & Dannie!
Bart & Clara Renauro

A big thank you to Bar Dannie and my pilot, Tom, for a great day out at Van Sant. These guys really look after you. I arrived with short notice while on a layover in PHL and they were able to sort me out with a Stearman flight. Fantastic. Van Sant is just a great place to visit even if you don't fly. The atmosphere is really friendly and the local well worth a look. Much better to see it from the air of course.
Hope to see you again.
David Evans, British Airwys Capt.

Grandson and I flew Saturday 10/12/13. It was wonderful. Found our home with the "ground crew" marking the spot with "2013". Great experience for both of us in the air, and for the ground crew!
Lach Peeke

Bar and Dannie,
We experienced the ride of a lifetime today! Thanks so much. I will recommend this to everyone. It was truly a thrilling day and I appreciate you accepting the expired certificate. We will never forget the hospitality and the expertise of Bar's flying ability. Can Bar fly me back to California instead of Continental? :) Dannie thanks so much for all your communications to get us up in the air! Warmest Regards,
Ashley John, Ione, CA

To Both of you,
I had a wonderful flight. I thank you for being in the business of flying customers in vintage aircraft and I thank my wife, Deena for giving me this gift on our 33rd anniversary. I love old aircraft and it was wonderful to see this Travel Air in such fine shape. This is my first flight in a non-metallic covered aircraft. I am going to tell my firefighters about this wonderful experience and hopefully you will see them also. I don't know if you will remember my son being there but he flies in an F-18F Super Hornet and he was marveling at your plane. I hope the City of Gulf Shores knows what an asset you are to their community and I hope your business prospers so you can add more vintage aircraft in your flight schedule. Thank you for the experience.
Respectfully, Dave Hitchcock

My daughter and I enjoyed a great flight in your beautiful biplane yeasterday from the Fairhope airport. Thanks for making such a wonderful experience availible so close to home. My father flew with the USAF for 27 years, all over the planet, and has never been up in a biplane. Next time my folks come down, we'll be sure and contact you for another ride! Best,
Tom Belina Daphne, AL